Drums & Percussion

Tama drums & hardware


A mainstay in the percussion world since 1974, Tama has a complete line of drums and drum hardware. Their Iron Cobra hardware line is an industry standard.

Mapex drums

Mapex Drums

These guys love drums. From their beginner Rebel series to their top of the line Saturn series, Mapex has a drum kit and hardware for every player at every level.

Zildjian cymbals

Zidjian Cymbals

Started in 1623 (yes the 17th century) by an Armenian alchemist who discovered a secret process for treating alloys and applied it to cymbal making. Hands down the most famous cymbals in the world, revered by most drummers and percussionist.

Latin Percussion

Latin Percussion

Founded in 1964 by Martin Cohen when he was unable to buy congas, bongos, and other ethnic percussion instruments. Wether you're looking guiros, cowbells or cajons LP hmakes a variety of models at different price points.

Toca drums & percussion

Toca Percussion

Toca was designed and developed to have a different look and provide the "Afro-Cuban" sound. These instruments made Toca unique from brands thus giving players and percussionists an alternative choice when looking for hand percussion instruments. Today, Toca is proud to be a leading brand in the hand drum and percussion marketplace, and is committed to always offering the player a distinctive choice in style, design, and sound.

Gibralter drums & percussion


Gibraltar hardware manufactures drumset & percussion hardware. Their products include snare stands, bass drum pedals, hi-hat stands and every piece fo drum hardware imaginable.

RhythmTech drums & percussion


A recording session, a percussionist and a 15 minute long tambourine track resulted in a product that changed the industry. Richard Taninbaum designed the crescent shaped tambourine after struggling with a standard round tambourine on a recording session. His goal was to create a tambourine that had a better center of gravity so it was easier to control, but still sounded as good as a full sized model. From there RhythmTech was born. They now have a complete line of percussion instruments from shakers & agogos to cajons & djembes & everything in between..

Vic Firth sticks

Vic Firth

Founded by percussionist, educator and businessman Vic Firth, The Vic Firth Company has been setting the standard in the industry since its inception in 1963. Never satisfied with the status quo, they continue to innovate, developing new imaginative designs and technologies so that every product they make sounds better, feels better and inspires you to play your best.



The ProMark company was founded in 1957 by Herb Brochstein, a professional drummer and drum shop owner. ProMark has always been a family business and continues with the 2011 purchase by D’Addario & Company from Herb’s son Maury. The offices and factory remain in Houston, Texas; manufacturing hickory, maple and Japanese Shira Kashi™ Oak (ProMark was the first American drumstick company to successfully market sustainable Japanese Oak) drumsticks in its modern 90,000 square foot facility. ProMark has been the sticks of choice by such renowned artists as Neil Peart, the late Elvin Jones, Ringo Starr, Phil Collins, Mike Portnoy, 9-time DCI champion Concord Blue Devils, and many, many more.

Vater Percussion


Vater makes an array of drumsticks & brushes for any playing style from jazz to hard rock to marching. Vater has a stick for every drummer.

Remo drum heads

Remo Drum Heads

Remo D. Belli was a percussion pioneer. In 1957 he invented the first successful synthetic Mylar® drumheads, today’s industry standard. For over 55 years, Remo, Inc. has constantly and consistently broken new ground when it comes to industry firsts. Ultimately when it comes to their expertise as a drumhead manufacturer, nothing can touch the technical and musical advantages that Remo Drumheads provide.

Remo drum heads

Evans Drum Heads

Chick Evans was the first person to use polyester film to form a drumhead, succeeding in creating a weatherproof head, and ultimately changing the drum world forever. Since acquiring Evans from owner Bob Beals in 1995, D'Addario & Company, Inc., has moved the company from Dodge City, KS, to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Farmingdale, NY. Tremendous efforts and unprecedented breakthroughs have been made in improving Chick's invention. The results are evident from the countless compliments that Evans receives daily from professionals, amateurs, hobbyists and students alike.



Roland’s revolutionary electronic percussion instruments offer drummers a great-sounding, flexible alternative to traditional acoustic drums. The acclaimed V-Drums family of products rule both studio and stage, while a wide range of other innovative instruments meet the recording, performing, and practicing needs of all types of percussionists.