Fender amplifiers

Fender Amplifiers

Fender amplifiers are classic in every way. The Reissue series recreates the classic tones of early rock & blues legends. The Hot Rod Series is a modern take on the classic Fender amps. The Bass Breaker Series is the evolution of the classic Fender Bassman sound. The Champion Series is an affordable lineup for the aspiring musician.

Traynor amplifiers

Traynor Amplifiers

Made in Canada and manufactured with an emphasis on quality, tone & reliability. Traynor makes a complete line of all-tube guitar amps, bass amps, keyboard amps and acoustic amps.

Roland amplifiers

Roland Amplifiers

Creators of the legendary JC-120 Jazz Chorus amp, their line-up consists of the JC, Blues Cube and Cube series amplifiers. Roland offers a complete line of amplifiers for guitar, bass, keyboard, electronic drums & acoustic instruments.

Ibanez amplifiers

Ibanez Amplifiers

Ibanez offers amplifiers for electric guitar, bass & acoustic instruments. The Tube Screamer, Iron Label, Promethean and Troubadour series amps offer quality tone at an affordable price.

Fishman amplifiers

Fishman Acoustic Amplifiers

The Fishman Loudbox amplifier series has become a staple for acoustic musicians wordlwide. Part of the appeal is the array of features packed into a lightweight & portable package.