Acoustic Guitars & Folk Instruments

Breedlove acoustic instruments

Breedlove Acoustic Instruments

Consisting of both American made models, like the Premiere and Oregon series, geared towards the professional musician and import models, like the Stage and Discovery series, for the burgeoning musician.

Larrivee acoustic instruments

Larrivée Acoustic Instruments

Legendary builder Jean Larrivée has been designing and building top quality guitars since the 1960s. Now manufactured in California the company prides itself on quality rather than quantity.

Seagull acoustic guitars

Seagull Acoustic Instruments

Part of the Godin family of instruments. From the award winning S6 Original, to the full-bodied Maritime SWS Mini-Jumbo, and to the exquisite sound of the Artist Series, Seagull continues to make believers out of players the world over.

Yamaha acoustic guitars

Yamaha Acoustic Instruments

Yamaha's reputation for consistent quality, playability and reasonable pricing is well deserved. The FG Series series has been in just about every guitarist's arsenal since it's introduction in 1966.

Simon & Patrick luthiers

Simon & Patrick

Another brand under the Godin umbrella, every Simon & Patrick acoustic guitar is made with the utmost focus on sound and quality. Certain common features throughout the line emphasize this ideal, such as only using select solid tops allowing for maximum response and a full rich sound. From the upper-end Showcase Series to the entry level Trek Series, Simon & Patrick has a guitar for every player.

Ibanez acoustic instruments

Ibanez Acoustic Instruments

A diverse and affordable line of acoustic and acoustic electric instruments. Guitars, mandolins and banjos in classic and innovative sizes & designs like the AEL & AEG body shapes.

Denver acoustic instruments

Denver Acoustic Instruments

Denver makes a line of affordable acoustic instruments for the beginning player.

Kala ukeleles

Kala Acoustic Instruments

Launched in 2005 Kala is the ukelele brand. Exotic woods in many shapes & sizes (soprano, concert, tenor & baritone) including acoustic-electric ukes. Kala is the designer of the U-Bass, the original ukelele bass.

Alhambra guitars


Manufacturer Alhambra S.L., established in 1965, has almost 50 years of experience in the construction of the best handmade classical, flamenco and steel string guitars in the world. Their process begins with the best raw materials & fine woods (cedar, spruce, rosewood, ebony, cypress, etc.), which are carefully selected at the place of origin and specifically purchased and imported to manufacture their guitars. The company is proud to be a family of 110 specialized workers, each with solid experience in the craft of constructing stringed instruments.